Doubts about schizophrenia

1 ¿What is the cause of schizophrenia?
The cause of schizophrenia is not known, but certain factors can increase the risk of developing the disorder. Genetic factors and complications during pregnancy can predispose a person to develop this mental disorder. Exhibiting symptoms depends on how vulnerable a person is and to the amount of stress that they are exposed to.
2 ¿Can drug addiction cause schizophrenia?
No, but it can worsen the state of a person that has the disorder. The excessive use of marihuana and other drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine can cause temporary psychosis which is similar to the symptoms of schizophrenia.
3 ¿Can a person with schizophrenia work?
Yes, when the disorder has been properly diagnosed and the person follows the treatment described by their physician. The support of family and friends is crucial to a person’s ability to function in society.
4 ¿Is schizophrenia curable?
An erroneous concept persists that schizophrenia is incurable. A person may recover, a final result may be complete recovery, low level of recovery or a total incapacity to recover.
5 ¿Can bad parenting be a cause of schizophrenia?
Psychiatrist have determined that families play a crucial role in a persona development and that of mental disorders. Despite this fact it has not been proven that bad parenting or home environment causes schizophrenia.
6 ¿Is schizophrenia contagious?
No. Regardless of that fact the fear of contagion makes people avoid contact with people that suffer schizophrenia, denying them the possibility to live and work close to other members of the community.
7 ¿Do evil spirits or witchcraft cause schizophrenia?
No, there are lots of false ideas about this disorder. Schizophrenia is not caused by a curse, divine punishment, demonic possession or love gone bad. These ideas detract from suitable care.
8 ¿Do people with schizophrenia have mental retardation?
Many times people with schizophrenia are confused with people that have mental retardation, although the two are very different. Mental retardation is generally detected in early childhood while in the majority of cases schizophrenia is detected in adolescence or early adulthood.
9 ¿Should people with schizophrenia be hospitalized?
Not necessarily. Recent studies have shown that different environments other than a hospital can help treat people with schizophrenia.
10 ¿Are people with schizophrenia capable of making decisions about their treatment?
People with schizophrenia can participate in the planning of their treatment. The process of recovery is enhanced if he or she actively takes part in the decision making processes.
11 ¿Is schizophrenia hereditary?
Family members of people with schizophrenia have a higher rate of developing the disorder. The risk is progressively greater in family members that share greater genetic characteristics. Studies have shown that schizophrenia is due more to genetic makeup than to environmental factors.
12 ¿Are people with schizophrenia more violent than other people?
The idea that people with mental disorders are violent has no scientific base. The majority of people with mental disorders aren´t violent and, generally speaking, aren´t more dangerous than people that aren’t mentally ill.